WOKIPI, another way to photograph the World by Aerial Photography  
Our World Tour "Wokipi" ... What's?
It is above all, a way to bring our passions and share sets: travelling and meeting people, making photography, Aerial photography with kites and balloons, using non-polluting technology , being in a quiet and friendly environment, through a journey of several years around the world.
Wokipi is all at once: World Kite Picture will be the theme of our trip around the world. Read more.

The pages of this site are not devoted solely to Travel. We wanted to immerse yourself in our world, to discover the world of kites and balloons and talk you a little about us through them.
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  TamTam the palaver tree,

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  First step in our World Tour: Asia Cenrale
  May 15 to October 31, 2011: 170 days on the road,
We crossed Russia to Lake Baikal, the steppes of Mongolia, the vast Kazakhstan, the unusual Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with its legendary cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, while flying our kites..
  Letter from Central Asia

To continue our journey following the news and weather countries visited,
Tradition Kite
More than a beach toys for children, the kite is in many countries a tradition that accompanies everyday life and major events.
Discovery balloons
They fly through the warm air. First experiments flights balloons paper in 1709 to study the solar balloon by NASA ...
What progress!
History Aerial photography

The Earth from Above .... Long before the advent of flying machines, men have succeeded in surprising and wonderful aerial shots of our beautiful planet.
Patrick and Patricia
That is our couple.. differents but complementary, we are a real team. Our motto: love one another ... is to look together in the same direction.
Woki, the Toyota
He's the youngest of the team!
2009 has mainly been devoted to its registration in France and Germany in its transformation. We will now be tamed it.

Be part of the team by becoming a partner.

Join us and you must be appealed by this project.
Kite and Balloon
Kite flyers since 1991, we created Carnet de Vol in 1998.
We take part in festivals, organize workshops, exhibitions and manifestations air.
We travel on roads self-sufficient. But one real regret each time leaving places, people lack time ... We have find a solution!

True, we are also with our Toyota Land Cruiser. We appreciate their reliability. In 1951, the two birth: the Land Cruiser and Patrick!
A little history on the Toyota.
  Fund this project   Equipments shooting   kites and solar balloon   Computer equipment, navigation and communication
  Practical Information
Employment contract, clearance, tax, banking, passport, visa, National Health Service , insurance, Storage
Insurance, customs clearance permit, international driving permit,

Container size, different modes of transport, the main companies, lexicon to find one's way

vaccination, diseases, water treatment, medicine kit, health insurance, women's space, travel with baby
  Discover countries and their practical information
  Find practical information about 155 countries with their: map, area, population density, flag, capital, currency, time, calling code, information about the plug and socket type, language, alphabet and of course the climate and best time to go there
  The other Travel
  The preparation of a world tour is already part of the trip. It allows interest in geography, politics, climate, history of the country we will cross. Climate and departure date will guide us in choosing the countries visited.

Project of Itinerary... for later

The itinerary we will really do will certainly be modified according to our meetings, opportunities to go somewhere or other region. We must also adapt to climate, geo-political conditions ..

Click on the map (on the left) you can discover our first travel on Central Asia, during 2011